The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter
The overall plot of this book is fascinating - Greek gods, Titans, immortal warriors, Pandora's box. I eat that kind of thing up with a spoon. What I didn't love was all the mooning over each other that the main characters did. Normally, I don't mind a little romance content in my paranormal romance. Hell, it's part of the genre name and thus to be expected. However, in this book, I felt like the romance elements often slowed down the plot significantly. There were only so many scenes of "Maddox gets mad and has to be restrained because someone looked funny at Ashlyn" that I want in a book. Plus, I didn't find Ashlyn's character to be very believable at all. I feel like this is because much of her feelings (other than her attraction to Maddox) were told to us rather than shown through her actions. Maddox and the other warriors were fleshed out much better.Despite my complaints, I am going to read the second book because the universe Showalter sets up is just too cool to give up on so easily. The second book focuses on different characters, who might be more appealing to me.