Something Strange and Deadly -
Liked:* Philly. I love Philly so the setting thrilled me. It got me on a kick of looking up some historical photos. * Zombies are great. Period. They are well-explained in this book though they don't play as large a part as I was expecting. They are treated more as something for the characters to react to.* The Spirit Hunters are a motley bunch and include some people groups (Creole, Chinese-American) not often featured in historicals I've read.* The book seems very well-researched and the writing was good.Liked Less:* The plot was paced well but lacked some suspense for me, perhaps because of...* I never felt connected to the heroine. I can't put my finger on why, but I never really felt like I understood where she was coming from or why she did things. It was the same with most of the characters. They were a collection of their personal habits and histories rather than feeling like real people.* Like the zombies, the steampunk elements were less pronounced than I expected. The devices were explained but not in a way that made much sense to me.Overall, a decent read if you like YA and/or Victorian historicals (with zombies) but it lacked soul, which kept it from being truly spectacular.Disclosurey stuff: I won this book in a blog contest. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.