Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan - Robin Maxwell
I have never read the Tarzan books so I only have common pop culture knowledge of the story.Liked:* Jane is a progressive female. She is a feminist, a scientist and an atheist in a time when any one of those would be enough to get you shunned. * The locations and sights are lushly described.* The ending scenes are straight out of a classic Hollywood action adventure movie. I could picture it all in my head vividly (even with a little bit of necessary cheese) and loved it.Liked Less:* Jane is a very abrupt person. She jumps to conclusions that often leave me scratching my head. Her feelings are expressed in the same way. A little more buildup could have been included without needing to change her personality.* At the very beginning of the book, the shifts in time were sudden and lacked transition.Disclosure: I won an ARC of this book in a blog contest.Overall, an interesting read recommended to fans of Tarzan.