• Daniel and Violet were fun characters. I especially liked Violet's resourcefulness and practicality. She can think fast on her feet in an impressive variety of situations. 
  • Because of some lingering trauma from her past, Violet is hesitant about physical intimacy. Daniel has to take it slow or risk her running away. The gentleness and sweetness of the buildup was really sexy and fun to read.
  • The supporting cast of characters didn't overwhelm the story and was probably a nice catch-up session for those who have read other books in this series (I have not).


  • Violet's social status is ridiculously below Daniel's. Very brief mention is made of it but ultimately, there are zero repercussions for the hero and heroine breaking convention in such an outrageous fashion. 
  • While I don't want to minimize anyone's pain, Daniel's confessions of his past troubles come across as very "poor little rich boy," especially when compared to Violet's trauma and poverty.
  • While the supporting cast of characters didn't overwhelm the story, in some cases, I think they eased the way a little too much. I don't want my hero & heroine tortured at ridiculous lengths to be together, but I also feel that having to triumph over struggle makes the Happily Ever After that much more satisfying. This HEA lacked some oomph because Violet and Daniel didn't have to push as hard to get there.

Overall, a fun romance with a slow sexy courtship but too easy of a resolution.