Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1) - Olivia Cunning


* I just adored Myrna & Brian. They're great characters and they're great together.

* I love that Myrna has her career in academia, and that she doesn't just decide to drop everything in her life to be with Brian. She's smart and capable and driven.

* Brian is such a romantic! I love how Myrna becomes a part of his music.

* Although the book is mostly about Myrna and Brian's romance, the rest of the band has a big role too. The ensemble aspect is handled well and I like the other band members.

* The sex is steamy, plentiful, and varied.



* Myrna's emotional damage from her previous marriage was overplayed at the beginning of the book.

* Some sex scenes had elements that were a little unbelievable and pulled me out of the story. For example, anal with no lube (ouch!) and a lollipop in the vagina (hello, yeast infection).


Overall, a fun erotic book with a great hero and heroine.