Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2) - Olivia Cunning


* I enjoyed catching up with the band. Despite this being a romance book that focuses on one couple, the other members of the band play a big role. It's nice to catch up with everyone from the previous book.

* One of the (many) plotlines dealt with addiction to painkillers. It's a big issue and it's good to see a book addressing it.

* The heroine, Jessica, is striving to be independent. Sometimes she approaches it in annoying ways but I understand her reasons.



* The plotline where Jessica can't succeed in law school because she's too beautiful and can't get no respect made me roll my eyes so often that I now know every spot that I need to dust on my ceiling. I'm not buying it.

* Sed was a controlling jerk.

* While I respected Jessica's need for independence, I didn't really like her most of the time.

* Why was everybody in the band so mad at Jessica? I understand that they're being loyal to their bandmate but as adults they should recognize that there are 2 sides to every story. Also, knowing Sed, I'm sure they wouldn't have to take too far of a leap of faith to see how he could be a controlling jerk in a relationship.

* The sex scenes were repetitive and very vanilla.


Overall, I really enjoyed the first book in this series (Backstage Pass) and I was very disappointed in this one. I simply didn't like the hero and heroine. I will probably still read the next book in the series because I loved book 1 so much.