Lust for Life - Jeri Smith-Ready

Review from Queen of Swords Book Reviews.



* I love the writing style. The author often manages to add humor without pulling you out of the story and the other emotions evoked by the scene.

* It's nice for an urban fantasy to deal with the downsides of being a vampire and not in an overly-brooding "woe is me" kind of way. I really loved Shane and Ciara's talk about what foods they missed the most.

* Shane and Ciara are a great leading couple. They balance each other out well, and you can tell that they have a genuine respect for another.

* Shane gets a little more alpha-male in this book and it's kinda hot.

* The supporting characters are wonderful. I especially enjoyed seeing more of Ciara and Monroe's interactions. Maybe someday there can be a story exploring Monroe's origins? *hint hint*

* The world-building is excellent. I especially like the variety and creativity of the different powers people possess. Ciara's power of non-belief is expanded in a lot of unique ways that I didn't expect. Also, Shane's power? Way cool!



* There was almost no buildup to the showdown with Jim's progeny. The potential attack was discussed and planned for but there was no real sense of urgency. Events do eventually pick up but I wanted more tension beforehand.


Overall, a great end to a series that I love.