Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill


* This book was really spooky! The night I started reading it I had to sleep with the lights on. The suspense and scare-factor are masterfully maintained throughout the book.

* Jude and Georgia start out as complete stereotypes. Jude is the aging, jaded heavy metal rockstar and Georgia is his Goth stripper groupie girlfriend. As the book progresses, more of them is bared for the reader's view through the immediate danger the ghost presents and the more insidious danger of their pasts catching up to them. By the end of the book, I really knew and loved the characters. While I didn't always agree with their decisions past and present, I at least felt like I understood them.

* The presentation of a "dark past" for a character can be grossly overdone and ultimately condescending to the reader. I am very happy to say that Mr. Hill does not fall into this trap. The details of Jude and Georgia's prior lives are painted with a subtle hand and blend in well with whatever present-day action is occurring.



* I was able to figure out some of the elements of Florida's storyline ahead of time though I still enjoyed the ride.