The Warlock's Curse - M.K. Hobson


* The world-building is amazing. This is real American history with a very large twist. A couple of times I found myself wanting to research some of the events mentioned in the story to see if they were real or only in this alternate reality.

* The book does have a large steampunk component to it though the gadgets are by no means at the center of the story. I thought the devices were neat and well-integrated into the world.

* The magic system is unique, well-developed and consistent.

* Jenny and Will are great characters that I really connected with.

* Ms. Hobson doesn't pull any punches. Some of the events in this book are absolutely heartbreaking. At the same time that I'm sad for the characters, I also respect that the author is willing to follow her vision wherever it will go.

* I was really happy to see Emily and Dreadnought again. I love family sagas because you can experience the warm joy of old friends and the freshness and hope of new generations simultaneously.



* The book focused mostly on Will, and the readers get a decent picture of Jenny through his interactions with her. While I understand why the author made that choice, I still wish that we had seen more of Jenny outside her relationship with Will. Hopefully the next book will remedy that. She's wonderful and I want more!