Blade Song - J.C. Daniels


* Kit is a great character. She has a traumatic past and though she copes really well, she still experiences echoes of her abuse. She can never shove it completely down and just keep blithely going every time. Her trauma is given its due without taking over her life completely. The author keeps it nicely balanced.

* The world of the book has the typical vampires, shifters and witches. I found the paranormal races to be fairly typical for UF but I found the interactions between the races to be interesting.

* Kit is something different - aneira. Aneira are a paranormal race similar to Amazons but different enough to keep it fresh. I like the set of powers that Kit has and how accepting she is that she is weaker because she’s half-human. She works with what she has.

* Damon starts out as a total asshole. At first I was pretty annoyed with him (as Kit was), but then he grew on me. I think his finally starting to trust Kit made the difference to me.


Liked Less:

* There were a few typos in this book. The mistakes were not enough to throw me out of the story, but they definitely shouldn’t have been there.

* I really wish that more had been explained about Jude’s business venture (to explain more would spoil). Why did he set something like that up in the first place?


Overall, this book had some very real flaws but Kit won me over completely. I’m along for the ride.