Until There Was You (Coming Home, #2) - Jessica Scott


* I enjoyed the glimpse of military life from a woman's perspective. I wanted to see more of it.

* Claire's friendship with Reza was solid and interesting. I also liked her changing interactions with Engle.


Liked Less:

* So much lusting. It all started with insta-lust and would not die. I'm ok with lusting, really. I do expect it in my romance novels, but there was way too much in this book. It was interrupting good conversations and plot developments and made me roll my eyes.

* The hero & heroine were very one-dimensional. We get told that Claire is some kind of maverick who breaks the rules all the time and Evan is the rule follower. We get told that they discovered this about each other when they were deployed. Then the lusting and arguing start. It feels like I got dropped right into the middle of something with no preparation. I wanted more backstory about their interactions when they were deployed. I wanted more actual interaction instead of lust, lust, lust. I also wanted to know more about Claire's damage than just "oh, everybody leaves me so I can't connect." I was the one who couldn't connect.

* The sexy scenes were ok but there were too many in a row with too little plot development between them toward the end of the book. I found myself skimming.


Overall, I was kinda disappointed.