Riveted - Meljean Brook, Alison Larkin


* The world-building is amazing. The New World sounds like a cornucopia of stories to be told, and I want to read them all. There are also plenty of steampunk devices - airships, clockwork dogs, nano-agents and prosthetics, and much more. The technology is neatly integrated into the story so I never felt like it was a collection of "look at the cool things my brain invented."

* Annika and David are fascinating well-fleshed-out characters. I loved getting to know them almost as much as they loved getting to know each other.

* There is no instalust. I don't always mind instalust but I very much appreciated the slow-developing romance between David and Annika. Many times I found myself grinning like a fool as things progressed so sweetly.

* The sexy scenes are hot and well-written. Ms. Brooks doesn't fall into any over-used phrases typical to romances. As with everything else, the sex is well-integrated into the plot.

* About 50% of the way through the book, shit gets real. I was already enjoying the story immensely, but then the action really got ratcheted up and I loved it even more.


Liked Less:

* Nothing. I frakking LOVE this book.Audiobook Notes: The narrator was very good. I could understand everything clearly, and she performed a variety of accents and genders very well.