Dying Bites (The Bloodhound Files, #1) - D.D. Barant
Liked:* The whole idea of a parallel universe where humans are a minority and the world is ruled by vampires and werewolves is a really interesting one. I also liked that golems are a magical race. Neat ideas.* Some of the smartass observations Jace makes are really funny. Mostly, the funny thoughts happen when she's narrating in her head because her interactions with people were kinda weird. More about that below.Liked Less:* The abbreviations for the races - "pires" for vampires, "thropes" for werewolves, "lems" for golems - made me grit my teeth. * Most of the book is tell instead of show and I thought a lot of nuance and emotion was left out because of it. The largest hole? Jace's feelings. She mentions them now and again but in a shallow way. Most of the time, she's too busy trying to be a smartass/badass to explain anything. I never really "got" Jace and therefore, I never really felt like I understood why she did most of what she did.* The supporting characters were also shallow, likely because of the same telling instead of showing issue. I didn't really care about them, and as a result of feeling disconnected from everyone, their interactions with Jace were all kind of weird.* Jace is brought over to this parallel universe for her special skills as a profiler, but I never really felt like she used any special profiler skills. Maybe Criminal Minds has given me unrealistic expectations of the Mandy Patinkin variety but somehow I doubt it. All the leaps she made in solving the case seemed to be based on good detective work rather than some special knowledge of the human mind.Overall, this book had some really neat ideas that didn't pan out so well in the execution. Unfortunately, I can't recommend it.