Dead Reign - T.A. Pratt, Tim Pratt
Liked:* Marla is a hard character to understand and I get why some people don't like her. She can be ruthless and even her friends sometimes find her difficult to get along with. Still, she is completely unique especially in the overcrowded urban fantasy shelves. Also, her ruthlessness and the distance she keeps from most people starts to be explained in this book. I really enjoyed being able to peer more into her past.* I never know what's going to happen next! The plot is delightfully unpredictable.* The world-building is great. There are so many different kinds of sorcerers and parallel realms. It's all good fun.* There are funny parts too. I had a couple of good chuckles, especially with the goat.Liked Less:* This one was a little slow off the line. I was a good 30% in before things really grabbed me (and then it didn't let go).Overall, another excellent installment in a unique urban fantasy series.