Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) - Kendare Blake
More like 3.5 stars.Liked:* Positive depictions of Wiccans and magic users. Cas's mom is a Wiccan witch and is not portrayed as a flake or a loonie. She is respected for her skills and power. As a Pagan, I appreciate that.* The world-building was unique and well-done. I liked the take on ghosts and Cas's role in killing them.* The plot moved along well and kept me interested. I especially liked the twist toward the end with the athame. (I'm being vague on purpose so as not to spoil.)* Cas didn't really want his own Scooby Gang at first but eventually came to enjoy it.Liked Less:* As I said in my status update, Cas is kind of an a--hole. He does improve some by the end of the book but I still had trouble feeling for him because of his arrogance. * The writing is definitely for a YA audience. That's not a bad thing. It's just that I am not the intended audience and don't appreciate the simpler style as much as a YA would.Audiobook Notes: The narrator had a good voice, but he read in this really exaggerated, kids' storytime kind of voice that I just didn't like. I ended up finishing the book on my Kindle.