Incarnation - Emma Cornwall
Liked:* Lucy is a great character. You get a real sense of how she was before being incarnated and after. She gets put into a bad situation and makes the best of it gracefully. The Lucy Weston of Incarnation has only the most tenuous of connections to Lucy Westenra in Dracula, but that's actually part of the story.* I enjoyed the world-building. Steampunk Victorian London with supernatural elements has already been done several times but this is different enough for my tastes. Admittedly, I rolled my eyes when Slayers came up in the story, but I quickly changed my mind. This is no Buffy ripoff. Same name, different mythology. That particular thread doesn't show up until later in the book anyway. Also, I liked the inclusion of some Arthurian legend.* Lucy's strong love for her family shines through, which is a nice change from the typical loner heroine in UF.* Bram Stoker was a character in this book and he was kind of awesome.Liked Less:* The steampunk is tangential to the plot. Devices are described but not ever really used by the heroine or her accomplices. In fact, the novel probably would have been fine had it been taken out altogether. Incarnation was an enjoyable read and is recommended for lovers of vampire tales and fans of Victorian alternate realities.Disclosure: I won a copy of Incarnation in a blog contest.