Dracula -  James Adams,  Simon Prebble,  Steven Crossley,  John      Lee,  Susan Duerden,  Katherine Kellgren,  Simon Vance,  Tim Curry,  Alan Cumming, Bram Stoker, Graeme Malcolm
I'm glad that I listened to it since it's a classic and it inspired so many other works. However, it is fairly dated in pacing and structure. I enjoyed it but felt perhaps some of the longer speeches (many of Van Helsing's) could have been cut out without any loss of clarity. Also, the ending felt a little rushed. All the buildup and then... boom, done, short epilogue. Audio Notes: This was a cast recording and everyone was very good. I personally had some trouble understanding the words when the narrators did a heavier accent, but as this was limited to quoting minor characters, it never interfered with understanding the story. The sound could have used some leveling because the highs and lows sometimes had me adjusting my volume when I shouldn't have to at all during an audiobook.Overall, I'm glad I read the classic that has inspired so much, including much of my beloved urban fantasy & paranormal romance.