Hitchers - Will McIntosh
Liked:* The premise is very unique and very well-executed. Everything is explained in a natural, non-infodumpy (yes, that's a word) way.* There is a major twist at the end that I was not expecting. The plot is engaging and unexpected.* The best of genre fiction uses something strange and new to hold a magnifying lens to our humanity. This book certainly does that. It put me through a whole range of emotions, and I am honestly sitting here and thinking of what I would do in the same situation.Liked Less:* Though the plot had decent momentum and unexpected twists, things did sometimes drag a teensy bit.* Although he was the main character, Finn was the person I felt that I knew least about. The supporting characters stand out more to me. I think that's an accurate reflection of his character because he is the kind of person who is happy to stay in the background most of the time. Still, I would have liked to feel more connected to him.Overall, an excellent read for lovers of speculative fiction.