Switch - Megan Hart
More like 3.5 stars. Liked:* Paige is a complicated heroine. I didn't love her. In fact, I alternately admired and disliked her. This is a nice break from heroines who are universally likable (or hateable).* The writing is very sensual even when it's not an overtly sexy scene.* I kept reading past when I'd intended to put the book down. This book is very engaging though I can't really explain why.* The overtly sexy parts are very sexy indeed.Liked Less:* This is only my second Megan Hart and I've already noticed certain themes - marriage on the rocks, life and death twist toward the end.* There's a lot of talk about sweaty armpits. Not quite sure what that's all about.* Paige jumps to some conclusions that I just don't follow, especially with her boss.Overall, a nice read if you're looking for something a little spicy yet complex and emotional.