The Curse of Chalion (Chalion, #1) - Lois McMaster Bujold,  Lloyd James
Liked:* The characters were wonderfully written. I really feel like I knew all the majors and even some of the minors. Cazaril is a jewel of a main character. * I never knew what was going to happen next and I was completely drawn in. The plot never dragged and had delightful twists and turns.* The theological discussions in this book blew my mind! I highlighted so much. Yes, theological discussions in a work of fiction, and they didn't drag at all. Ms. Bujold is a skilled author indeed.Liked Less:Nothing. I LOVED this book.Audiobook Notes: The narrator was excellent. He did a very good job distinguishing between characters and also between inner thoughts and things actually said. Definitely a good listen.Overall, a gorgeous fantasy. Highly recommended.