Stray  - Rachel Vincent
Liked:* World-building was good. I liked the structure of the Prides and the rarity of females (tabbies).* The last half of the book was action-packed.* Faythe messes up and makes some dumb decisions but she learns from her mistakes. When she's not too self-absorbed, she can think and plan rather well.* The writing was very good.Liked Less:* Personal peeve: I hate it when people throw random Y's into a perfectly good name. Faythe? Really? Faith wasn't good enough?* The first half of the book was bogged down a bit with the family drama and Faythe's petulance. Thankfully things picked up halfway through.* Faythe has several men vying for her affections, and she doesn't seem to really be in love with any of them, even when she finally makes a choice. She seems very shallow in this regard.Overall, a solid UF offering though I can definitely see how some folks get really frustrated with the heroine.