The Reluctant Amazon - Sandy James
I finished it so it gets 2 stars for that, but I have quite a few problems with this book.* There is a lot of telling and not showing. This tendency made me feel like I had a very shallow (or no) rapport with the characters. It also made the romance seem really sudden.* The world and the concept of the Amazons is very interesting, but it wasn't well fleshed-out. There was a lot more that I wanted to know. A lot of major questions were skimmed over or left unanswered which left me unable to immerse myself.* The sex scenes weren't well integrated.* Despite being about Amazons and including goddesses, the book has some sexist elements. For example, Artair keeps thinking about wanting a son specifically. I understand that people sometimes wish for a child of a specific gender but I would have thought that being surrounded by strong women for centuries would have made him a little less adamant about having a boy. This is mitigated slightly toward the end but still... What annoyed me more was that having children was referred to as the most important part of being a woman several times in the last part of the book. Here is a quote: "They sacrificed all that made them women to be the saviors of the world...." Ick factor for me. Some women want children; some don't. Those who don't want kids are no less of a woman than those who do. Hello, 21st century and all that!Overall, a neat concept that didn't go nearly as far as I'd hoped. I'll likely not be reading more if there are other books to follow.