Mrs. Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian Lady - Kate Summerscale
Liked:* There was a lot of interesting information about divorce and divorce law in Victorian England.* The reader gets a glimpse of how life was for middle class Victorians whose lives touched those of the great well-knowns (Darwin, Dickens, Queen Victoria) but who were not famous enough to be remembered themselves. I found it to be a very enlightening view.* The book touched on the effects of new ideas and sciences on the lives of ordinary people. For example, Mrs. Robinson was an atheist and I liked reading about the effect on her life in her own words.* The author also ties in the Victorian "craze" for diaries and places Mrs. Robinson's journal in the context of the times.Liked Less:* The first 35-40% of the book is a fairly dry recounting of Isabella Robinson's activities and thoughts with a large amount (verging on too many) of quotes directly from her diary. Others' writings are quoted as well, but the story wasn't really all that interesting at that point. I think the section leading up the court case could probably have been more succinct without losing any impact.Overall, there is a lot of interesting information in this book but it comes after a fairly lackluster first portion.