Magic Burns  - Ilona Andrews
Liked:* The overall writing style flowed a LOT better than the first book in the series. Clearly, Andrews hit a comfortable stride and I'm hoping it keeps up with subsequent books.* The world = still awesome. World building is complex and interesting and maintained without uncomfortable infodumps.* I really love the slow reveals about Kate's past and her parents.* Supporting characters are neat and well-developed.* Kate & Curran - I have a love/hate relationship with love/hate relationships.Liked Less:* Kate & Curran - see above* Toward the middle, things got a little slow but not unbearably so.Audiobook Notes:The narrator is good. However, a few times I had trouble telling if Kate was just thinking something or if she actually said it aloud. I also had a couple spots where I had trouble differentiating between characters in a conversation. Overall, this book was much better than the first book and I'm glad I continued with the series. I plan to read the next book. A great listen with a good narrator.