Kitty Goes to Washington  - Marguerite Gavin, Carrie Vaughn
Liked:* Kitty is a unique heroine for UF. She does have the (almost) requisite smart mouth but at her core, she is a submissive personality because her wolf is submissive. This prevents her from all sorts of parading off in a show of too-stupid-to-live dammit-I'll-show-everyone-how-brave-I-am heroics. She gets thrown quite a few curveballs by the end of this book and conquers them mostly with some quick thinking despite the fact that she does have some werewolf strength. * Throughout most of the book, the rating was 3 stars. The plot was good but not wow. Then... lots of really awesome things happen and the book got bumped up another star. I can't really say more so I can avoid spoilers.* The other characters are also great. I especially like Alette because she throws the stereotype of the female vampire (or even a Master vampire) onto its ear. She's totally her own thing and I like it.* The responses of the politicians to the existence of the supernatural was very realistic. Almost scarily so.Liked Less:* As mentioned above, the plot was good but not great for the first part of the book. I especially found the part with the revival camp to be a bit WTF (but not enough to ruin anything).* I liked that Kitty got a love interest but I wish I'd felt their chemistry a little more.Audio Comments:* The narrator did a great job. However, sometimes I had trouble telling characters apart in a conversation because the voices weren't different enough. It was only once or twice though.Overall, a great second book in what's turning out to be a solid UF series.