Broken - Megan Hart
I never expected to have such an emotional reaction to an erotic novel, and I especially never thought I'd find myself staying up late to finish one. This book was fantastic. Sadie was a complex main character and Hart makes you feel like you're in her head. Her relationships are equally complex and well-portrayed. There's also a lot of bittersweet in Broken, and this book put knots in my heartstrings quite a few times. Since I've already mentioned that this is an erotic book, I should probably comment on the sex scenes, no? A lot of times when reading a romance (erotic and non) I find myself getting bored when the sex is too frequent and/or gratuitous. This was never a problem with Broken. There are many erotic scenes, but they all serve a purpose and are very well-written.Overall... wow! Loved it! I will definitely be buying up other Megan Hart titles.