Grave Dance - Kalayna Price
Liked:* Alex is a fantastic heroine. I love her character. She kicks so much butt but not in the overly mouthy way of some badly-done UF leading ladies. * The world-building is nuanced and detailed. The magic systems are complex and really cool. I especially love that using certain magics actually has consequences. It makes it all the more real to me.* There is a non-annoying love triangle with 2 yummy guys -Falin and Death. I love them both so I don't know who I want her to choose!* I figured out early on who the baddie likely was, but Alex's path to that discovery was still a wild ride. Plus, there were many things that I wasn't able to figure out ahead of time. Kudos on a complex mystery gracefully resolved.Liked Less:* I thought the foreshadowing of the villain's identity was a little obvious, but as I mentioned before, it didn't exactly ruin the book for me.