Darkborn - Alison Sinclair
After much dithering, I have decided on a 3.5 rating.Liked:* The world is really interesting and is different than the pseudo-medieval of a lot of other fantasy. * The magic system is pretty cool too and I'm looking forward to reading more about it in the next books.* I initially thought the story was going to be about the twins born under mysterious circumstances. To my delight, this is very much Telmaine's story. It takes her a little while to embrace her own awesomeness but when she finally does, it's a real treat!* I really enjoyed the relationship between Telmaine & her husband, Bal. I also enjoyed the development of the love triangle and the realistic exploration of everyone's feelings surrounding the issue. Liked Less:* Sometimes it was hard for me to keep some of the minor characters straight. Maybe there could be a glossary in the back?* Despite me enjoying pretty much everything about this book, I felt kind of distanced from everything. I can't really articulate why but it left me wanting a little more.