The Restorer (Graveyard Queen #1) - Amanda Stevens
More like 3.5 stars for me.Liked:* Graveyard Restorer has got to be one of the coolest jobs ever. Seriously. I also liked the interesting facts about gravestone markings and symbolism that were in the book. History nerd-gasm.* The seeing ghosts thing has been done before but the way it was portrayed in this book made it seem somewhat fresh.* Interesting and unexpected plot twist.* I liked the mystery part of the story.Liked Less:* The romance really didn't sweep me up. I think it's because there was a lot of tell instead of show in regards to Amelia's feelings for Devlin. Also, he didn't really reciprocate until really late in the game.* The foreshadowing is somewhat clumsily done. It's the "little did I know..." kind of foreshadowing. I prefer to let the momentum of the plot carry me forward instead of being told that something ominous is coming down the pike.Overall, I enjoyed reading The Restorer and will likely pick up the next in the series.