Shift - Jeri Smith-Ready
Shift is #2 in a trilogy. Do yourself a favor and go pick up the first book (Shade) before diving into this one.I loved this book so much that I read it in one night. The first book in the trilogy was good but I feel like this one surpassed it.Liked:* Aura is such a real character. She screws up, she wins big, and everything in between. The other characters are equally well-written. They are complex people.* The larger concerns (life/death/government agency interventions) are woven in with smaller concerns (kissing the wrong person/kissing the right person/friendships) in a realistic way.* Aura is a lusty lass. It's awesome to see young women who aren't ashamed of having desire and who are smart about it. Safe sex is discussed but not in a preachy way.* The plot was pretty much perfectly-paced. * The world-building is very well done and logically thought out (well, as logically thought out as seeing ghosts can be).* Aura learns the secrets she's been looking for and it knocked my socks off.Liked Less:* I would have loved to hear more about Aura's mom and her situation. Maybe a novella from her point of view? That's less a criticism and more of a beg.