Shotgun Sorceress - Lucy A. Snyder
Liked:* Jessie continues to be asskicking and just plain awesome. She is a woman who does things. She doesn't sit around and ponder her feelings nor does she put on the "I'm constantly a smartass which makes me a badass" attitude endemic to UF/PNR. She just IS a badass. Like I said, she does things. Awesome things. * Learning more about the characters from what they do instead of their thoughts and feelings is nice. I like the author's style.* The world and system(s) of magic are really fun to read about. They aren't overly explained so if you like everything spelled out for you, you probably won't enjoy it as much as I did. That being said, the world and its magic is explained enough to keep you up with the story. You're not left in the lurch. Ms. Snyder has found the happy medium between overexplaining and leaving the reader scratching his/her head.Liked Less:* A few of the characters, especially Jessie's family, just seemed kinda dropped in there. I would have liked to get more information about them.* The ending seemed to happen kind of quickly.Also, this book ends on a semi-cliffhanger. Some people don't like that sort of thing. I personally don't mind it. I will definitely be following Jessie's further adventures.Edited to add: If you have not read Spellbent, the first book in the series, you will likely be completely lost. Do yourself a favor and read that first. :-)