Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, #4) - Stacia Kane
If you aren't reading this series yet, why the hell not? Go and get them and then you can come back and read my review.More like 4.5 stars instead of a solid 5.Liked:* The world and the heroine remain totally unique in urban fantasy.* Really interesting Debunker case for Chess.* Terrible! Need I say more?* The author doesn't wave a magic wand to make things simpler. For example, Chess is with Terrible but her attraction to Lex isn't gone like magic. Feelings stay complicated, just like in the real world. Oh, and Chess still manages to make them extra-complicated.* I really enjoyed the closer look into Elder Griffin's life. He's a cool character and I'm glad we got to see more.Liked Less:* Though this is another great installment in the Downside series, it didn't hold me as much as the previous two books did. There were less "Holy shit!" moments in this one. Overall, another fabulous Downside book. I will definitely be reading the next one.