Glass Houses  - Rachel Caine, Cynthia Holloway
NB: I found the audiobook narrator to be annoyingly over the top in her reading. This may be coloring my impressions of the book.Liked:* Not your typical modern UF take on vampires. No Edwards here. The vamps are the baddies, and I find myself enjoying the variety.* The characters are all pretty fun. The main character, Claire, is a total nerd. I can really identify* I could never guess the way things were going to go. I found it refreshing to not be able to figure out what was coming next.Liked Less:* Did I mention that the audiobook narrator overdid it?* The plot was good and kept me listening but it was kind of diffused overall. I didn't really get a super-unified feel from it (if that makes any sense at all).* If you don't like cliffhangers, the ending will piss you off. Overall, I enjoyed this book but I don't know if I enjoyed it enough to check out the next one.