Mob Rules - Cameron Haley
Liked:* The main character is awesome and unusual. A female sorcerer gangster? Win! She's also a very capable person without the "I'm a smartass and therefore a badass" complex typical to some UF heroines.* The worldbuilding is equally awesome and very unique. The magic system isn't like anything I've read before and it's very urban. Liked Less:* The plot was interesting and kept my attention but it kinda just fell apart at the end. When Domino figured out the answer to the mystery, I thought "What?!" There was no foreshadowing whatsoever, and I wondered how the heroine even figured it out. She explained her reasoning, but it still could have been done better. * The chemistry between Domino and her romantic interest wasn't really there. She explains how she feels but I don't ever really feel like I get it.Overall, a decent urban fantasy with an excellent world and an interesting main character. If you don't mind some minor plot WTFery, it's well worth a read.