Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire
Likes:* World-building was excellent! All the different species of cryptids were well-thought-out and most of them were really damned cool. I think my favorite were the Aeslin Mice. Well-developed and hilarious. There was also a lot of attention paid to Verity's family history, which makes her very different from a lot of UF heroines, who often have little or no family.* The plot was nicely paced and suspenseful in all the right places. I often found myself reading past when I'd intended to take a break.Liked Less:* I had a lot of trouble connecting with the heroine. She seemed very flip about everything. About to die? She really never seemed too worried about it. The blasé attitude is explained by the heroine's family having extensive training in dealing with sticky and/or deadly situations but instead Verity just came across as too detached to me. This also made the romance storyline have less of an impact as well.Overall:An excellent world that I think I will visit again, despite the distance I felt from the heroine and her emotions.