Her Husband's Harlot  - Grace Callaway
It's the title. I had to buy it.Beyond that, this was a really fun read. The conflict was one of those that could be settled by everyone sitting down and talking, but it's done so well that you understand why the communication didn't happen right away. Thus, I wasn't sitting there rolling my eyes and wanting to knock the hero and heroine's heads together. The romance is steamy. I genuinely liked the hero and heroine, and both are well-developed characters.Several others have commented that they were bored by the mystery aspect of the book. For me, the mystery plotline was necessary to feed the conflict so I didn't feel like it was superfluous. That being said, things fell a little flat when the mystery was solved because there was no real feel for why the villain did what he did. Sure, it was explained (evil for fun and profit, etc) but the villain wasn't fleshed out at all, even enough for me to really dislike him. It was more like, "oh, that dude. Ok."Overall, Her Husband's Harlot was a fun, hot read. Recommended for historical romance fans, especially those who like their romance spicy.