Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione
Same carefully crafted world that made me love the first book in the series. All the different species of demon are really interesting and well-developed. It would be awesome to see a demon guidebook, but I digress. Desire Unchained was a solid second installment. This book followed Shade and Runa as they got thrown together unexpectedly and developed a scorching hot romance. The action was good and moved at a nice pace, though there was almost too much sex for my tastes. It wasn't enough of a disruption to make me stop listening but sometimes it did seem to slow things down more than necessary. The ending resolved the main storyline of the book but left a lead-in for the next story in this series. Overall: not as good as the first book but it's still a fun read especially if you like the rather unique world where demons co-exist with humans.