Midnight Never Come - Marie Brennan
Elizabethan England and the fae? Count me in. This book had a very interesting premise - that a fae court existed as a mirror to Elizabeth's court. Except in this case, the mirror is a dark one. The cruel fairy queen rules with an iron fist and becomes the villain of the tale (a very well-done villain, I might add). If you're looking for the focus to be on major players in Elizabeth's court, pass this book by. The plot focuses mainly on Lune, who is fey, and Michael, a human courtier, and how they are swept up into the intrigue of two colliding worlds. Also, if you are expecting a detailed cataloguing of various fey and their powers, this is not the book for you. Fey central to the plot are described, but for the most part, their powers/attributes remain largely unknown. Sometimes, I found the plot moved a bit slowly, but it was nothing to make me put the book down. In fact, by the end, it was a total page-turner, and I stayed up past my bedtime to finish it.