Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost
I picked this book up as a total fluff read because the back cover description was horrifically cliched and overblown. It was more like a throwaway romance novel description with a little vampire thrown in. Sometimes I have a craving for cheese, and this seemed to fit the bill. To my great surprise, this book sucked me in. I actually got attached to the characters. Although it does have a few of the vampire romance cliches, the chemistry between the main character and her vampire lover was very real. I found myself cheering for them a few times. The plot was well-paced and kept me reading. I wasn't up all night to finish but I never lost interest either (which I do all too often). The ending wrapped enough up to make me feel satisfied while definitely making me want to pick up the sequel.Even if you think this book might be hokey, pick it up. It might just pleasantly surprise you.