Adventures with Max and Louise: (Originally published under the title KNOCKERS) - Ellyn Oaksmith



  • The premise of the book, the heroine getting accidental breast implants, was funny and the author made it seem plausible. The heroine's reaction to the mixup was also very believable.
  • I liked the heroine. Despite being somewhat closed off from the world due to grief at the beginning, she blossoms as the plot progresses. She's experienced some tragedy but isn't totally crippled by her past. I'm a big fan of the heroine who bounces back.
  • The heroine's friends and family are all great characters. I wish the author had given a little more page time to them instead of to the heroine's love interests.
  • The talking breast implants weren't as over the top as I thought they'd be. They made me giggle a few times.


Liked Less:


  • The heroine's love interests are very shallow characters. They have a few main attributes, but that's it. I don't really feel Molly's attraction to them because I don't know them well enough to understand it. Also, the author's foreshadowing is pretty heavy-handed. It becomes clear early on which suitor will not make the cut.
  • Toward the middle and end of the book, Molly starts to make decisions that seemed very sudden and ill-explained to me. For example, the decision to keep the breast implants instead of having them removed seemed like an awfully quick turnaround. I know that she would decide to keep them but they way in which the decision was handled was abrupt. The biggest example of this requires its own bullet point...
  • The reader doesn't know much about the man that Molly falls in love with. Molly doesn't know much about the man she falls in love with. But she flies out to interrupt his dream trip to tell him she loves him. Really? This is where the author totally lost me. I'm all for the big romatic gesture but there has to be some groundwork laid for me to buy it. There was no groundwork for this big romantic gesture so instead of saying "awww!" I was left muttering "seriously?"


Overall, this book was funny and had a lot of promise but ultimately lost me due to some shallow characterization and some weird plot developments.