How to Deceive a Duke - Lecia Cornwall


  • The heroine, Meg, is smart and capable. The hero, Nick, has admirable character as well. I liked both of them and wanted them to find their Happily Ever After.
  • The supporting cast was varied and interesting without overwhelming the main romance.
  • A lot of romance tropes made their appearance: marriage as a condition of inheritance, insta-lust, and a Big Misunderstanding getting in the way of the couple. These oft-used story elements can become very tired, but in the hands of this author, the plot elements in question flowed naturally from the characters and events.


Liked Less:

  • There were too many villains in this story and the plotline involving their conspiracy against the lovers was convoluted.
  • Toward the end of the book, the author made the stylistic choice to have short chapters. For me, the short chapters made the action too choppy and broke up the flow of the story.


Overall, an enjoyable take on some old romance standards. The hero and heroine are what really make this story, but the momentum is slowed toward the end by choppy storytelling and a convoluted conspiracy.