Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1) - Mira Grant


  • This book is excellent near-future sci-fi. The changes in culture and technology are believable and the explanations flow naturally throughout the story without coming across as infodumps. The scientific backstory of the zombie virus and the initial outbreaks is similarly believable and well-integrated into the main plotline.
  • Although this is a zombie book, I greatly appreciate that it's not a zombie apocalypse. People have adapted to the presence of the walking dead and human society continues to function, albeit with lots of infection/security protocols. I find this particular scenario to be more plausible than all of Western civilization going completely off the rails.
  • Despite not being an apocalyptic zombie book, the author does not shrink from the consequences of zombie outbreaks. People die and their loved ones have to deal with it. I didn't feel that the overall tone of the book was super-dark but Mira Grant doesn't pull any punches either.
  • I enjoy that the book is tech-friendly and features blogging as a legitimate source of news and entertainment. I believe that we are already on this path.


Liked Less:

  • Some things became a little repetitious, like having to go through all the blood tests and security protocols along with the characters. It does drive home the changes that people had to make due to the infection, but it gets dull for the reader.
  • I liked that the main characters of the book were a sister/brother pair instead of a romantic couple. At the same time, the sister/brother relationship sometimes walked a little close to the creepy line a few times.
  • Sometimes the plot dragged slightly in between the explosive plot twists. That being said, the plot twists do a lot to make up for the slower sections.


Overall, I have no idea why I waited so long to pluck this gem from off my TBR pile! If you like zombies and/or scifi, you'll really enjoy this book, especially if you're a little weary of dystopian/apocalyptic reads.